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Am2Pro LAN Recap from Carl 'DrunkNinjaHippo' Moore - MD of Am2Pro
Friday , 13 February 2015 , 09 : 03 PM

Hey guys & gals,

Firstly thank you to each and every one of you that attended our first ever Am2Pro LAN event!  You guys made us the largest console Esports event in the UK over the last 12 months, and the largest ever CoD: AW LAN event in the UK period.. I am completely taken back by that little fact and totally humbled by the support you have shown us - thank you!!

Our first event went very well, and the survey results backed that up.  There was a few issues and we have heard and listened to what you have told us.

  1. More Stations: We will ensure we have more stations at the next event..
  2. Initial Delays re Internet: There is a reason for this. We were told by Leicester Tigers that the building was being upgraded before our event to a 100MB internet line.  The day before the event at 8pm we were told that this had failed and that we were down to a 10MB connection that was being shared by the whole of the stadium, Offices / Ticket Sales etc... Needless to say panic set in.. I missed the opening of my very own first event to stand outside of EE store in the Leicester Highcross shopping centre to purchase an EE Mi-Fi device to ensure the event was broadcasted as promised...  Granted the broadcast was a little iffy, but we could only use what we had access to which in this case was a little mi-fi device.  It was the same device that was used to log into and out of to validate the xbox's. Multiplay's admins were superb and within an hour of day 2 had caught up with the backlog.  It did mean that MSi left early because there was little they could do to hold a LoL tournament with poor internet.. It also meant that several of you were frustrated with internet console speeds and delays signing in...
  3. Minor outage of broadcast: One of the towers supplied by Multiplay decided to pretty much blow up half way through the second day from what I've been told... Multiplay and one of our own scrambled, and within an hour, the stream was live again..

We would like to thank Multiplay, SharQ Controllers, MSi, Games Connection, Astro, eSports Apparel & Quikkly for supporting our first ever event!!  The praise the community have shown us over the event and since has been incredible.  Most of you understand that the issues we did get were outside of our control.. We are looking into this, to ensure the issues that did happen, do not arise at the second event that we hope to announce shortly...

Also the press coverage was great, and we will have our own commercial video out soon..   We very much look forward to continuing to grow the EU eSports alongside the community, and we have a lot more on offer for you guys in the future... Watch this space...

Thanks again!

Carl 'DrunkNinjaHippo' Moore

Managing Director

Am2Pro Ltd