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A2P3 LAN Event - Nov 28th-29th Announce
Sunday , 25 October 2015 , 11 : 24 AM

Hi everyone,

Firstly apologies for the delay and last minute notification of our third LAN event.  So no doubt you have lots of questions... such as:

  1. Where: Peterborough Garden Park
  2. When: November 28th - 29th (Doors open at 9am)
  3. What games: CoD BO3 (Playstation 4). We're also considering Halo / Smite / Gears of War on Xbox One. This will be decided within 1 week, so have your say now as to what you would like to see at the event.
  4. Prize Pot: Unlimited!!!!!!  We are going to put 1k into the prize pot for every 10 teams that attend!  So if we match our first event; 66 teams = £6k.  If we match our second event; 73 teams = £7k.  100 teams = 10k and so on....  There is no limit!!  This applies to all games..

This is an Am2Pro event in conjunction with Peterborough Garden Park. There will be an expo as well as the normal eSports games we hold, so look forward to many more companies at the event.. Many of you will remember CityLan was going to hold an event in Peterborough but had to postpone last minute due to outgrowing their first venue.  They will be holding another, but until then CityLan will be utilising their advanced network systems to power our event. We look forward to working with them.

The official website and ticket sales will go live on Tuesday October 27th.

We look forward to seeing you at our third event, and we thank all of you for your support!!  We would quite frankly be nothing without your support, and getting 77 eSports teams in attendance is tribute to just how awesome you guys are!!

See you in Peterborough!