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CoD: BO3 X1 cancelled due to community supporting full move over to PS4
Friday , 20 November 2015 , 11 : 28 PM

Initially we heard from the community that several of you were not going to get your PS4's until Christmas. We asked if us opening up the tournament to include also XB1's until Christmas would assist you with the transition. A lot of you backed this move at the time, but we've seen near full CoD sales go to our PS4 tournament, whereas only a handful have purchased X1 tickets.  With little interest in Xbox One tickets we have decided to cancel that tournament.  If you are one of those that have purchased tickets for our X1 tournament, you have already been refunded prior to this blog post going out..  We apologise for any inconvenience that this has caused, but it makes little sense to continue with only a handful of teams.  We do however still have a Gears of War tournament on X1 if you wish to enter that. You may of course also enter our CoD PS4 tournament.

The prize pot for CoD: PS4 currently stands at 3k and is absolutely going ahead.  Don't forget this is an unlimited prize pot, so the more teams that enter, the bigger the prize pot gets...