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A2P7 CoD Open - Norbreck Castle
Monday , 13 June 2016 , 09 : 53 PM

Hey everyone!

First we really must apologise for the delay in announcing our #A2P7 event.  As you know we announced these dates at our last event #A2P5.  After the announcement we were approached by Microsoft with an opportunity to work with them supporting Microsoft / Gfinity to bring you guys a Gears of War European Open. An opportunity we couldn't turn down. Unfortunately the dates were non negotiable and we have been concerned about having the two events too close together.. We looked into other venues and even supporting both games at the same venue, but there was something in every instance that stopped us being able to do that. Even though we feel having the events that close together will have its own challenges the community has made it clear it wants an event. And we have always done our very best to support you guys and give you what you want. There have been many rumours floating around and even some of our competitors have tried to taint the event.. We can finally dispel these rumours..

A2P7 will go ahead on July 23rd-24th as originally planned with a 3k prize pot! This will be a Call of Duty event.. The event on the website should hopefully go live tomorrow.. If you can't wait until then, here is a direct link to NuTickets to purchase them:

We look forward to seeing you guys there!